My nordic hair

While I have been learning how to care for my biracial children’s hair, I have actually learnt a few things about my own, very fine and very straight Nordic hair.

I never thought very much of my own hair except for the times I wished I had thick, long curly hair or when my own hair just laid flat against my head no matter what I did to it..

For many years I permed it into tight curls and then used a curling iron to create even more curls. I never used any heat protection or did any deep treatments. And then I was wondering why it never grew long…

Later i found the world of extensions and tried everything from braids to silicone attached extensions. This really damaged my hair and gave me a reality check..


This is me with my last set of ”permanent extensions”

As a mother I want to set a good example for my children and teach them to love themselves and be proud of who they are.

I realized that I had to start appreciating my own hair for what it is and stop wishing that it would be something that it will never be.

I stopped perming my hair and using curling irons and started to treat my hair gently and care for it by doing deep treatments and not ripping through it with force every time I brushed it. I let it grow out and slowly cut of the permed ends until it was bone straight.

Slowly my hair started to feel a bit thicker and look much healthier. And I began to appreciate it for what it is and realized that I can do whatever I want with it if I am just careful and treat it right.

I started to do some small research about Nordic hair and learned that it is common for Nordic hair to be very fine in texture and of course very straight.

As I embrace my hair for what it is, I have found joy in trying different things with my hair such as gentle clip in extensions, different up do’s and even being able to wear it out freely without feeling like everyone will think it looks too thin or flat. I have also started to try different products to get volume in my hair without damaging it.

I hope to be able to share some of my tips and ideas here soon.


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