Finding products in Sweden

When I first started to learn about how to care for my children’s biracial hair I got a lot of information from natural hair blogs and you tubers in America. I learned about sulfate free shampoos and conditioners without silicones and mineral oils. Leave in conditioners, moisturizing sprays and styling creams and butters.

I didn´t realize that we were so far behind here in Sweden..

 I went to our local grocery store looking for these products but found nothing. I went to our African hair care shops but only found relaxers and products full off mineral oils!

So I turned to my friends and family members in America, asking them to buy and bring the products to me. I also learned how to order online from abroad.. Unfortunately this is quite a lot of work to get some hair care products.

The thing that helped me is to learn to read the ingredients list. You know that long list in very small text with lots of weird words. It really helps to learn a few things to look for and stay away from (Click here for more on how to read the ingredients list). I also started to learn about how to do my own homemade products.

Finally I actually found a few products in the normal grocery stores here in Sweden. Se the list below. Please remember to always check the ingredients list when you buy your products because sometimes they change the formula of the products even without stating it on the bottle!

The conditioners that I have found in my supermarket are:

  • Bamse balsam
  • Coop Änglamark balsam
  • Garnier fructis No Silicone Volume Restructure  Balsam
  • Garnier Respons Conditioner Avocado Oil and Shea Butter
  • Neutral balsam till alla hårtyper, oparfymerat
  • Tresemmé  Vibrant Naturals, Expers Selection

There are some more products out there but these are the easiest to find and not so extremely expensive either. We use Bamse balsam when we need a cheap conditioner just for washing the hair. My favorite conditioner from the supermarket has been the Tresemmé naturals conditioner. Unfortunately they have changed the formula to the new “Vibrant naturals, expert selection” and I have yet to try it out. I loved this conditioner because of the slip it provides that makes detangling a breeze and it also gave the hair so much moisture! I really hope the new formula works just as well.

(Click here for more info on washing the hair)



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