protecting your curls while you sleep

Did you know that sleeping can actually damage your hair? Well, not the sleeping itself but the stuff that happens to your hair while you are sleeping..

Your hair will rub on the pillow and if you have any hair ties or pins in the hair while you sleep they will cause some damage too.

There are a few things you can do to protect the hair while you sleep:

  •  You can use a satin pillowcase that won´t give the same friction as a cotton pillowcase does.
  • You can wrap your hair in a satin scarf or use a satin sleep bonnet.
  • You should avoid sleeping with your hair loose to avoid rolling around on your fragile ends or cause some serious tangles. Pineappling the hair (putting it up in a loose bun) will help with this.
  •  Remember to take out any hair pins or rubber bands before going to bed to prevent breakage.

We use both a satin pillowcase and a satin bonnet incase the bonnet falls off during sleep. I avoid using rubber bands or hairpins as much as I can and if we do I always remove them before bed time.

I usually keep the hair in protective or semi protective styles and rarely let it “be free” for more than just over one day and if it is loose or in a style that “hangs down” past the shoulders we always pineapple the hair before bed time. I also like to sprits the hair with our home made moisturizing spritz ( our favorite conditioner mixed with water and some oil) before bed.


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