Cornrows up in twisted bun or ponytail

Start with clean, stretched, moisturized and detangled hair.

 Part the hair in an x pattern that meats in the middle where you want the bun or ponytail to be.


Start making the parts for the cornrows and braid the hair one section at the time.


When the braid reaches the middle where the bun or ponytail will be and thus “lifting off the head”, continue braiding for about 2-3 stiches and then part the hair in two sections.


Tightly twist each section to make the twist tight to the braided part and then start doing a two strand rope twist all the way down.


Once you have braided and twisted all of the hair and secure the twists in a ponytail, you can choose to let the twists hang loose in the ponytail or put them up in a bun, making this a fully protective style.


If you want to put the hair into a bun then gently wrap them around the ponytailholder and secure them with a few hair pins.

Finish the style off with a nice ribbon.



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