There are many different ways of attaching extensions in your hair. This is what works for us and how I do it.

As usual we start off with freshly washed, moisturized and stretched hair that was left to dry overnight.


When you are using yarn in the hair it is VERY IMPORTANT that you use 100% ACRYLIC YARN!!

If it is not 100% acrylic it may start to lock in with your hair, making it very hard to remove without damaging your own hair.


Before we start braiding I prepare our yarn extensions by measuring and cutting them before hand and placing them within my reach. Remember that the yarn will be folded in half to create two “legs” in the braid, so when you cut your parts keep that in mind. Today we used “Red heart soft” yarn in a dark brown color to match my daughters hair color.

For this style we did boxbraids in the back and cornrows in the front.

Start by parting the hair from ear to ear and clip the front part up and away for now. (Don´t mind the middle part going front to back.)


Starting at the nape, we did a brick pattern with medium sized boxes for our braids.


Detangle the section and work in some moisturizing product, with or without a soft hold.


I then take two pieces of my precut yarn and fold them in half.


Grab the yarn in the middle, looping it over your index finger and thumb.


Then grab the hair with your index finger and thumb while still holding the yarn
with the same hand.


Then use your free hand to loop the yarn around the hair to anchor the yarn at the base of your braid.


Once you have looped the yarn around the hair you should now have three “legs” where two are yarn and one is the hair. Now braid a few stiches down and then divide the hair and yarn in the legs so that two legs have hair and one piece of yarn and one leg has two pieces of yarn. Then just braid all the way down.


To keep the braid neat and prevent the ends from sticking out of the braid, I gently twist the “legs” as I braid and if the hair starts to frizz at the ends while you braid, you can add a bit more product and smooth them as you go.

Remember to braid at least five centimeters below where your own hair ends to keep the ends nice and protected, especially if you want to burn the ends and/or put beads in.

End the braid with a loose knot so that you can easily untie it and even the braids out when all the braids are finished and it is time to burn or cut them evenly.


Since we use 100% acrylic yarn it can safely be burnt to seal the ends.

We usually put beads and secure them by tying a knot at the end and then just to make sure that the knot doesn´t open and to make it a bit more tidy looking we also burn the knots a bit.

For the front part of the hair we did cornrows.


Start by parting the hair how you want your cornrows. Today we decided to do them slightly angled to the middle, to give her a “ponytail half up do.”


Start your cornrows as usual (for how to braid cornrows click here) and when you are about half way, it is time to add the yarn. Just like the boxbraids we use two pieces of yarn, folded in half.

Place the middle of the yarn over your cornrow and add it into the two “legs” on the sides.



And just continue braiding until you have reached the stage where the cornrow now is a single braid (off the head) and then split the yarn and hair so that two legs have the hair and one piece of yarn and one leg has two pieces of yarn.

Then just braid all the way down, ending with a loose knot until you have evened out all the braids and is ready to burn or put in your beads.




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